How to Think Like Churchill - Daniel Smith

Review :

"We are a free people because a man called Winston Churchill lived". And that sums the point up...what a man he was.

Daniel Smith has done a sterling job at really unravelling the make-up of one of the most fascinating men of all time. His "How to Think Like..." series is most definitely an innovative idea.

Full of very engaging quotes from WSC and others, along with his own interpretation, this book made me want to get a pen out and circle particular bits of note, and write some annotations too.

The traits he reflects on really can be applied to everyone's lives, so this book, I believe, can be called a "self help" book too...

Churchill said "The longer you look back, the farther you can look forward." What a quote from such a man who played such a part in history and who understood the power of history itself.

This book also touches on his personal passions: "If Churchill were a painter by profession, he'd have no trouble making a living." (Picasso)

"In the coming years, many in countless words will strive to interpret the motives, describe the accomplishments and extol the virtues of Winston Churchill...there will ring out through all the centuries one incontestable refrain: here was a champion of freedom." (President Eisenhower).

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