how to win at life

Review :

I enjoyed this book very much. In it Scott Adams, the author of the comic strip Dilbert, tells us how he accomplished a very successful life after years perceiving himself as a failure.

First he states that all his failures prepared him for his success. We tend to learn from our failures things that may help us in the future. He also proposed do not set goals instead use a system to accomplish tasks. An example of a system approach was told to him by a CEO of a screw making company. The CEO told him that when he was young once he got a job, he continued to look for a better one. And finally worked his way up to CEO.

Furthermore, he insists that good health is essential to success. He is a vegetarian who eats as much as he wants because it is all fruits and vegetables and as a result never gains weight. He also believes that exercise is essential. These practices will make you look better therefore increasing your chance at jobs and at making new friendships.

Some tips he offers is eating cheese because cheese is filling. Exercise at the same time every day. If feeling lazy try drinking a cup of coffee to perk you up so you will exercise.

He, in addition, proposes that is better to be good at many things rather than being great at one thing.
Additionally, he has tried and had a lot of success using affirmations.

He lists in his book everything he eats and the last chapter is a summarization of the entire book. I rate this book very highly for a Self Help book.

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