Hunger (Gone 2) - Michael Grant

Review :

HUNGER is an amazing story because of the realistic characters, the spectacular

details put into the setting, and the way it shows the theme of accepting hard

responsibilities.. Some people may say that this novel is unrealistic, or too built on the

theme of finding weakness in others, but it shows taking on responsibility, even if it is


Sam Temple is one of the well crated characters in this book. He is a

fifteen year old boy who is forced to become a leader of hundreds of kids, after every

adult and teen ages fifteen and up in his town disappeared. He is overwhelmed with

responsibilities like finding a way to feed every kid with food supply decreasing, and

protecting people from the upcoming gangs. He is like any other teenager in this world.

Readers can connect to him and eventually, feel what he feels. What distinguishes Sam

from some other kids in his town are his powers. Right before the FAYZ, the time

when the adults disappeared, many kids began to discover that they

had unnatural powers like no one else. Sam's unique power was light. Not only could he

create his own light but he could fire beams of heated light that could be used as a

defense, or a weapon.

The detail written about the setting and plot of this book is amazing. Its like

reading a movie! There's action, romance, and the threat of life or death. The setting is

described in a way that makes the reader feel like the action can be happening in their

own city or town. It is a page turning book that makes you not want the story to end.

How many people have been given a tough responsibility to handle In this

novel, Sam Temple and everyone else is faced with almost too many tasks to fulfill. He

has to prevent arising gang violence, avoid being killed by his twin brother,

This amazingly written novel is praised for its life like characters, the extremely

detailed setting, and the theme of accepting difficult responsibilities. By the end of the

story you will feel what the characters feel and wish there were more of the story to read.

Everyone at some point in their lives has to take on. Everyone has seen, heard about or

been through bullying

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