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There are some books I'm just not smart enough to read but, darnit, I challenged myself and I finally made it through The Very Hungry Caterpillar (after several false starts)! I'm not gonna flatter myself that I unnerstood the depth of the ideas, themes and junk in it, but I liked the colours and pitchers and stuff

Oooooh man - lookit this lil guy! He eats an apple, two pears, three plums - he's a beast! Does he stop there Nuh to the uh! Four strawberries and then FIVE - count it, FIVE - oranges. This unstoppable motherfucker.

And then shit gets really fucked up - all bets are off! Cake, ice cream, cherry pie, a lollipop - he is. Off. The. Chain! We've all been there after a trying week - no judgements lil dude! I wonder if this book is inadvertently responsible for the "health at any size/fat acceptance" movement with its message of "eat like a pig and become beautiful!"

I'm not gonna spoil the ending of course but it's worth the journey. It seems predictable because he's a caterpillar but it leaves things wide open for a sequel. I mean, this guy is now more mobile than ever - what else is he gonna eat next A pizza! Two pizzas THRE - you're right, that's too much

You know what made me really laugh My edition had a SUMMARY at the start! The summary was this large paragraph that was as long as the book's lines put together! Who needs a fucking summary for The Very Hungry Caterpillar Who can't read this in no seconds flat and get the jist of it! Which parent is looking at this wondering if it's suitable for their braindead sprog to dribble on!

Anyways. This thing is still the greatest book about greedy caterpillars out there and rightly deserves its legendary status. Just don read it when you'res dieting hawmahashsahwanasm

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