In the Mood for Healthy Food

Review :

What a delicious book! Jo Pratt's In the Mood for Healthy Food features good for you recipes that are beautifully illustrated and easy to make. With each recipe comes a brief explanation of how all the ingredients make the meal healthful. Jo's skillfully selected ingredients provide the layers of flavor that take the dish to perfection. Your dinner companions may never suspect how good for them the meal really is.

Best of all, when I started using this cookbook, I realized that my pantry, fridge, and freezer already contained most of the ingredients required in the recipes. The author explains the ingredients that have more recently been added to many health conscious American's diets in case you are not familiar with them. A glance through the book will prove that many of the recipes are already perfect for those with specific dietary needs. I have many cookbooks and a sizeable number of them are in the "healthy catagory", but I believe this will become one of my indispensable go-to books.

Throughout the book, the author includes little asides, where she suggests other ways you may choose to modify the recipes to suit your tastes or available ingredients. I will be substituting venison for the lamb as it is more readily available to me and very healthful. I can't decide whether lunch today will be 5 Spice Prawn Ramen or Prawn and Brown Rice Jambalaya. Either way, with the help of this cookbook, it will be nutritious and scrumptious! Many thanks to you, Jo Pratt.

(I received this in a goodreads giveaway.)

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