India wins freedom

Review :

For the last few days, I was transported to an era where struggle for freedom was still in process. In this detailed analysis, the author has firmly articulated the incidences that occurred during the movement and did not hold his thinking back.

At the middle of the book, I really hoped that the Autobiography of the author would turn into fiction and the partition would not happen if the matters were carried out carefully. It is only a wishful thinking.

All in all, it was an honour reading a book by a great activist, freedom fighter, thinker, philanthropist, President of Indian National Congress and later, the First Education Minister of India.

I was glad that the author threw light upon Lord Wavell's services in India, of whom we don't get to learn much generally.

Coming straight from the President of INC for 7 years, who knew inside out of the situation, this book has left me with hope and positivity.

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