Indistractable How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life by Nir Eya

Review :

Have you ever gone out with friends or family and there is that one guy who is constantly checking out of the conversation and checking into his phone Super annoying, right Well, I'm that guy. I didn't realize what it was called until I read Nir Eyal's book but I am a 'phubber' (phone snubber).

As a real estate broker, coach, and father of 6 boys, I am always being distracted by something. I would get anxious every time the phone chirped or beeped or pinged. Was it a client emergency, do my kids need me ... and most of the time it was nothing but a distraction.

Wow! Practical advice galore in this one. I am already putting it to use and I am beginning to find peace. Spending more time following our life values in traction and being aware of the triggers that pull us away from what's important can lead to a more productive and peaceful life. Nir uses case studies that will challenge the way you have always thought of things and open your mind to other options.

I especially enjoyed the section he put in the book on how to help our children become less distracted. As a father concerned with screen time and non-productive behaviors, there were some absolute gems here. Not surprisingly, I discovered where the problem lies. It's not the screen, it's the parenting and there are some brilliant ideas on how to achieve a better outcome.

Now to put this all into practice. Don't miss this one.

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