Intimate Connections - David Burns

Review :

As a reader in 2016, it was stunning how much of the self-esteem, dating, and mental-health advice in this work was still relevant. Turns out most of the non-toxic and helpful information in the dating advice industry had already been laid out by Dr. Burns in the 80's.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is typically used to treat issues of depression, anxiety and other mild-to-moderate mental health issues. Dating is a huge source of these problems, especially in modern society and so using CBT to address internal struggles is a no-brainer.

Dr. Burns advocates for self-love/esteem/respect while developing genuine coping mechanisms for difficult situations. He also supports assertiveness and re-assessing what we subconsciously perceive as risk (eg. asking someone out and risking rejection. which isn't a huge risk at all).

Overall, this is a classic for me in self-help, dating, and psychology subgenres of non-fiction. Aside from a few specific outdated tips (like placing personal ads in newspapers), this book has aged incredibly well.

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