J. T. Geissinger - Rules of Engagement

Review :

This book is f-wording fantastic!!! This is one of the most charming, fun and witty books I've read in a long time and I literally devoured it in one sitting, late night and all!

When Mason needs to clean up his public reputation, his agent sets up a meeting with a matchmaker to find him a wife. Mason is not on board with this idea, but he'd do anything for Dick. The minute Maddie walks into the room, Mason is a goner.

'She smiles.

I feel that smile all the way down to the darkest corner of my soul, the place where light never shines and I keep all the monsters hidden under lock and key.

She smiles with her whole body. With her whole being, like she's a conductor of light itself and all that's good and pure in the universe is being channeled through her on its way to me, where it surrounds me and bathes me in golden rays of sunshine, so warm and sweet I could almost cry.'

But, Mason, being Mason, does the only thing he can. He f-words it up.

I have huge amounts of adoration for Maddie. She's a Southern lady to the very marrow of her bones. (Notice the f-words) But lord have mercy can the girl bring you to your knees if you cross her, and do so without ever breaking one of her momma's rules. As Mason soon learns. She was just as much fun as Mason and definitely a favorite heroine of all time.

'I fold my hands in my lap and smile, because Southern girls don't need a gun to shoot you dead.'

Mason was just hilarious, despite his grumpy, rude ways. He's a complete womanizer, has no friends, drinks too much and can't be relied upon by his teammates. But under all of that beats a heart of gold that would do anything for the people he loves. The problem is, he doesn't believe in love. To say his past has left him scarred would be an understatement. The fact that Maddie is determined to find him a wife drives him crazy but he's quick to turn it around and use it as an advantage.

This book had me laughing out loud, my cheeks hurting from all the grinning both at this couple and their antics as well as the secondary characters that added so much to this couple's finding happiness. The humor was perfect without ever being juvenile. The chemistry between Maddie and Mason was felt from their first meeting and simmers throughout the story making this one sizzling slow burn.

I loved everything about this book. EVERYTHING! I can't recommend this enough if you enjoy rom-coms. And if they sometimes don't work for you, try this one because if one could change your mind, this would be it.

Multi POV - mostly hero and heroine
Safe (view spoiler)[a bit of ow/om drama - om is definitely the catalyst of some drama and tiny separation but it completely backfires on him - ow is a date that insinuates herself into a meal with h/H but it backfires on her as well; no cheating; h is not a virgin; H is a manwhore but he can only see h once he meets her and her insistence on finding him a wife drives him crazy but he uses it to his advantage. (hide spoiler)]
Triggers (view spoiler)[no apparent triggers (hide spoiler)]

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