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"And not after, when we're clinging to each other like the world just fell apart and is slowly clicking back together, piece by piece, breath by breath . . . heartbeat by beautiful heartbeat."


Guys, I had enough of this. I'm on strike. I keep picking up these books that somehow leave me in a messy puddle of FEELS.

what did I do in Life to deserve this



1. It's really addictive like oh my gosh IS THIS WHAT CRACK FEELS LIKE

*coughs* I'm a proud example of this. I'm currently reading 2348932849032 books and I felt guilty that I was neglecting this book. I picked it up and began reading it because I HAD TO ACCOMPLISH SOME READING ALRIGHT. I swear, that was the best/worst decision I ever made. It was 11pm and my eyes were 0.000000000001 seconds away from permanently closing AND THEN I got to some part in the book and was like "............................well, shit."

Suddenly, I felt like I had enough energy to power 3 suns because my eyes were wide open aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand yeah, I sacrificed my sleep. I'm not even complaining like I just simply couldn't put it down. I had to finish it like what is sleep I was hooked.

2. Porter Roth aka mine


That is all.

Carry on.

3. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, like I have to add "Characters"

Can I just start off by saying, Bailey's Dad is the bomb dot com. Her dad is so laid back and so cool. I loved their relationship like awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This just reminds me of my own dad. So, I'm going to kindly excuse myself and find my dad to squeeze the living daylights out of him.

Our MC, Bailey, is what you call an evader. You know those types of people where you're like, "Where the heck did they disappear off to" . She experienced a difficult past that led to her developing trust issues. She is trash for old films and literally knows every damn reference. Like this girl can look at a water bottle and reference it to some film that came out in 1955. Her fashion taste is pretty much inspired by the actresses in the old films. For example: Audrey Hepburn!!

I liked Bailey's friend, Grace..........................I lied, I tolerated her. She's that type of friend where you'd tell her something and you'd hear it come out of someone else's mouth. Like no. What's been told to you, stays with you. Besides that, I found her pretty cool, friendly, and very nice. Also, I liked the fact that she was British and I kept reading her parts in this really posh accent.

*clears throat*

Urrmmmmmm.........excuse me Do you by any chance know where the loo is

Too far Yeah Okay :(

4. Retelling of "You've Got Mail"

If you haven't watched the movie then I don't think we can friends. Go away.


Alright, you may come back BUT I'll list reasons why you should watch it.

1) there is no reason
2) watch
3) it
4) you punk

You'd have a better understanding but if you don't want to then *sniffle*, it's alright. We can be friends again.

When I heard it was a retelling, I was like "Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu, me is definitely interested like please sign me uppppppp!!!"

Confession: I watched the movie right after I finished the book. Sue me.

5. It tackles some pretty concerning issues and dare I say, handles it perfectly.

I just really really really liked how the author was able to touch base with these certain issues and bring it to light. What do we face in this book Sex, drugs, trauma, and many more.

To me, she didn't go over board. She just handled it like a pro.

I loved how the characters were able to overcome their own barriers and spread their wings.

6. This idiot..................................................

Read the book and you'd understand this (>)

7. My brain is done.

I think I covered everything.
Go read this

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