Jenn Bennett - Starry Eyes

Review :

Honestly, I hated the first couple of chapters of this book. Zorie was annoying, then the whole Brett thing was ridiculous, because he was ridiculous, not sure how she didn't notice that at first... Buttttt The Anatomical Shape of A Heart is my favorite contemporary ever, so I was like let me just proceed. And thank goodness I did because this is one of my favorite contemporary books this year. Given, this is the only contemporary I have read so far in 2018, but I'm pretty positive it will stay at the front of the line.

Then there was Lennon. He was all kinds of cuteness and funniness wrapped in a ball of swoon. Loved him! The setting was excellent, because camping, come on! Some of the drama could have been left aside, and I don't really see how they didn't talk sooner if they were best friends. But the story was funny, beautiful and addicting. I still haven't read Alex, Approximately, so I'll be checking that one out next!

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