Jennifer Lynn Barnes - (Debutantes 1) Little White Lies

Review :

Sawyer lives with her inconsistent mother, barely scraping by. Then her aristocratic grandmother Lillian makes an offer the eighteen-year-old can hardly refuse-spend the debutant season living with her grandmother and she'll receive half a million dollars. Sawyer doesn't expect to find a same age cousin who will become a friend, another friend and a frenemy or a mystery about her paternity.

I didn't expect to enjoy LITTLE WHITE LIES as much as I did. Jennifer Lynn Barnes gave Sawyer such a sharp, witty voice I couldn't help falling in love with her. She wasn't easy, slow to warm up and trust, with good reason. Her moral compass and empathy made her easy to root for. The minor characters had distinct personalities and complexity.

The first in the DEBUTANT series, LITTLE WHITE LIES will have readers eagerly awaiting the next installment and fallout from revelations near the end of the book. Even with the cliffhangers #LittleWhiteLies answers the important questions.

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