Jewell, Lisa - Ralph's Party

Review :

This was a brilliant debut novel which was written some years ago now, but still feels as fresh as the day it came out on to the market. It's strength is the fact that it's centered on the people who live in three, different apartments and their intertwining lives as it showcases all the signs of great things to come from this author. She captures not only the reader's full attention right to the end, but for delving into the ordinariness of various lost souls and exposing their quirky natures (good and bad) for all to see. It really was a lesson in character development for me and expressed how to piece together a simple story about relationships, whilst also making it both realistic and totally absorbing with a need to bring it all to a rightful conclusion. This proves that Lisa Jewell was meant to be a wonderful writer right from the start and it's my loss that I haven't read more of her books. So I really should do something about that and look out for more of her titles in the future. I know that my reading pleasure will be in safe hands if I do and I won't be disappointed, because she won't let me down.

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