Jewell, Lisa - The Truth About Melody Browne

Review :

What an emotional journey this novel has taken me on.

As the description says, Melody can't remember anything prior to being nine years old. I think in some ways it has held Melody back not knowing and she struggles to fully move on with her life.

The story flicks between present day and to different parts of Melody's past leading up to her being nine. This way we slowly learn along with Melody, what her life was like in those missing years.

This is such a beautifully written novel with a whole array of characters. Each character seems to be quite flawed, some are an absolute joy to read about where as some others, I was cross with, yet my heart went out to them.

There is so much I could say about this book as it truly is wonderful. I don't want to say to much though as I want every bit of Melody's past to be totally un spoilt for any new readers. All I will say is, that it is a story of self discovery that at times maybe heart breaking yet one that as a reader, I wouldn't have missed for the world. It made me feel like a mother hen as I couldn't be anymore prouder of Melody and the person that she was as a child and the beautiful person that she has become in present day. Totally moved me.

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