Journeys to Significance-Charting a Leadership Course from the Life of Paul

Review :

This was a very unique book in many ways. Neil uses creativity and imagination to piece together the life of the Apostle Paul, looking at it in terms of how the Lord formed him into the leader he was near the end of his life, who was able to influence an entire empire for Christ. He demystifies Paul, showing that he was an ordinary man who made mistakes, learned from his experiences, and adapted his methods as he went along. Unlike most leadership books which mainly focus on applying other leaders' techniques or methods, Neil instead shows how God did his inward work in Paul and inspires the reader to begin "journeying" with the Lord.

Personally, this book was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. It challenged me to look beyond the current journey the Lord has me on now. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in Christian ministry or to anyone who is serious about allowing the Lord to develop them as a leader.

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