Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

Review :

This book fell into my hands at a Cancer Society yard sale last month. I thumbed through it and noticed the theme of staying in the present moment and focusing on the "Now". I've been working on "The Power of Now" for months, and I intend to master the concepts and break some of my thought patterns that I've learned to think of as habits.

"Love Is Letting Go of Fear" was published in the late seventies and I found myself relieved to follow Jampolsky's approach to the Now at what I've been calling a "fifth-grade" level. I benefitted from and appreciate the simplified style. He brought in many basic laws of the universe including the laws of attraction and abundance, and kept it concise and productive. I'm going to seek out more of Jampolsky's books as I continue to study the Eckhart Tolle book.

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