Review :

This book changed the way I look at everything I consume! As a personal trainer I do not lecture organic. It's hard enough to get people to eat chemical ridden "supposedly" healthy foods. The problem with our society is we want to lose weight for vanity, not health. Only do people come to me with nutrition help because their doctors have told then to or they're going on meds or border line diabetics. They think they don't need advice lol!

We as a family are on a strict budget. I gave up a lot of things to put healthy food on the table. Hmmmm Give my kids growth hormones found in dairy (which is banned in Mexico, Canada and Europe), feed them pesticides to wreak havoc on their metabolisms or teach them that preserving their future and our planet is more important than a new video game. I even juggle our utility bills in order to maintain this lifestyle. Not only was this book educational it changed my energy level, my skin, my body!! I have 2 kids and a flat tummy and I'm 45. It's not genetic! Its 90% NUTRITION. People just don't want to be called out on something they know they could be making better choices!

Yes this book goes into detail and science. Who wouldn't want to educate themselves on something we need for survival - FOOD!

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