Midas Touch - Robert T Kiyosaki

Review :

This book is so concise with how many lessons it teaches, advice and guidelines that I am amazed at how valuable it is for how short it was. You get two different successful people with experience giving their perspectives and anecdotes and its still so small which tells a lot about their attitude of not wasting your time.

You see a lot of these symbolic programs but never hear strong recommendations or end up with a applicable model. Midas Touch surprises in connecting their analogy, you will see your hand differently and want to develop this trait.

For anyone aspiring to contribute towards posterity this is the instruction booklet you need for bringing your vision to the world. I don't think I have taken more quotes from a book, highlighting bits of wisdom alone.

It started out of affirmation of what I knew but quickly spoiled that arrogance. It then inspired me as I feel I already embody this spirit but has provided invaluable pointers on pathing.

I really can't express how useful this is for anyone wanting to be their own teacher and see the world as their classroom. As they express many times entrepreneurship requires you to continually be learning, testing, and developing yourself while caring and doing good in service to others.

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