Moodtopia- Tame Your Mood

Review :

I haven't even completed this book and as a physician with an open mind and the belief in listening to patients, incorporating many forms of learning outside the textbook as a guide, the whole body and starting my own journey reading and learning about complimentary medicine, I am so very impressed with the relevance, wisdom, practical applicability, humility, and sheer helpfulness in both her words about reframing how we see our symptoms and struggles, but in her vast and wonderful and hopeful knowledge she gifts to her readers. I plan to use this book as a resource for my patients as well as myself. Thank you and I plan to both find an herbalist where I live for myself and to utilize my own research to help others, while referring this book to so many. Thank you, Chana. I'm also impressed how she takes Jewish wisdom and makes it usable and relatable to everyone. I am Jewish myself and honored to be part of the tribe, but I also love the inclusiveness in how she shares this beauty. You are a special soul and generous in sharing this knowledge for others to benefit without falling into the gimmicky, sales-driven way others diminish their worth. Wonderful. I highly recommend buying the paper copy so you can take notes on the book. I love having the kindle version as well, so I can read faster and on-the-go. Buying the paper version as we speak. Truly also integrates all forms of medicine, not turning her back on any possible utility, but also helpfully debunking various modalities that aren't necessary (ie, liver detox). Clear, direct and compassionate. I am also so glad to hear her daughter's terrifying, heartbreaking story came to a good end. I'm also impressed by her honesty about her own struggles, which takes bravery, but makes her a clear part of why this book shows authenticity. A fearlessness in being part of the journey and I love the validation of female struggle that is often invalidated and not heard. Thank you! You clearly are doing your part of tikkun olam in using your special gift.

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