Oera Linda Book Sandbach 1876

Review :

I picked up this book after being recommended to by a good friend. I don't care for the authenticity debate regarding this book. However.

What this book details in regards to priests and princes methods for control over a society and its peoples and those they have not controlled are exactly how our governments and priests behave today. Reading this book was like reading the past, present and future.

It does not matter if this book is real or fake it really doesnt. It is the messages the writers are putting across that are important.

At some point 2 civilisations were at heads with one another, the just and noble one lost. Under the same tactics most countries lose their freedom to in todays world.

Please ignore wiki entry for this. it is very biased. I disagree with some of the methods and statements that were said. For example the paper was disputed. With something so old you would naturally add it to new better paper as time went on to maintain the book itself. Just was we update our techologies on to new ones. Paper - Digital hard drives etc....

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