Princess in Practice

Review :

Very easy read. Started the first chapter of the book the evening I got it and spent the next two nights after that reading non-stop until I finished it as I could not put the book down. Each chapter ends with a small cliffhanger much like the first book and it left me wanting to read more every time.

Nice addition to the series. I really enjoyed the second book and it did not displease.

There was a bit more action towards the end of the book which leaves me wondering as the series goes on if there will be gradually more and more action in the books to follow.

There's also a very interesting and well-written scene in the book (which I will try not to spoil (even though I've marked this review as having potential spoilers anyway, but you will know it when you read it) and I must say even though looking back now it should have been 'predictable' I still did not see it coming and I'm interested to see how this potential character development may (or may not) play out.

The main characters are all half my age and I'm guessing that's the main target audience the book is trying to attract but don't let that sway you away from this series because as an almost 30-year-old woman I can vouch that this is a great series for us adults to read too!

I feel like the younger readers will find great comfort putting themselves into the shoes of the main characters as they will be able to relate to a lot of the school environment settings, whereas for us adults we will either have a great nostalgia trip from our teenage years or be able to relate to some of the themes in the book better.

I feel like the second book is a bit more of a 'bridge book' where it's slowly leading us into the next instalments in the series whilst we wait for the third book to be published. It holds up very well against the first book but I think the real action is really going to begin in the third book for sure.

It's definitely worth the read, especially on a cold autumns night with its lovely cover design and I look forward to the third instalment.

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