Profit Over People Neoliberalism and Global Order - Noam Chomsky

Review :

Chomsky reveals here the systematic disenfranchisement of the vast majority of the population. What's particularly interesting is his view of corporations, through judicial precedent and gradual change the company has somehow been bestowed with the rights of a human being, and considering it's immortality, can make better use of them. Why do we put up with living in a society defined by these totalitarian tyrannies Is a country really democratic if popular opinions on critical issues are constantly ignored in favour of extremely short term profit seeing by abovementioned companies Reading quotations of the sheer terror of the elite at the very thought of the population actually having power rather than the optimates is like having the scales removed from your eyes. Though it is heartening. To make their fears a reality all we need to do is realise the corruption of our society and do something about it.

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