Railways and The Raj How B

Review :

"..in short, the system works.." and the author carries on describing the current Indian Railway and the chaos that surrounds it, and this line could very well feature in anyone who has had a journey on the Indian Railways. Being a fan of the Indian railways, I enjoyed listening to the book. The author lays out the reasoning behind the birth of the railways in India (to necessitate the propagation of the Raj), the people who built and ran the railways, the Indians who feared it, then loved it and went on to use it as a propaganda machine for the freedom movement. Want to know how weddings, litigations and deaths kept the Indian railways going or that a Noble prize nominee and Indian Astrophysicist and his 'river physics' influenced the railway construction or want to know the story behind the 'Lonely Line' then pick up this book.
The narrator Jonathan Keeble has done an excellent work.

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