Reality is not what it seems- The

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Enlightenment à la Rovelli (serves 2)

1. Divide the Dante into equal halves and fasten together with a good transdimensional adhesive to form a 3-sphere. Be careful not to get any glue in the primum mobile. Set aside to dry.

2. Stir the Lucretius, Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Heisenberg until thoroughly mixed. Add a little Anaximander to taste. Put in a warm place until it has risen.

3. Add the Feynman path integral and the lattice approximation to the spacetime. Whisk into a spin-foam using a quantised volume operator. Make sure the fields are covariant.

4. Pour the historical influences and the into Canto XXXIII of the Paradiso. Squint at the mathematical footnotes so that you intuitively grasp the significance of the formulas without actually reading them. You may not get this right first time, but it is definitely worth the trouble. Wait for the enlightenment to take effect.

My girlfriend and I ordered this recently at the CERN cafeteria. I thought it was delicious, but in the interests of full disclosure I am forced to admit that my girlfriend was very disappointed. She said it tasted of penguin and she was sure the spoon used to serve it had previously been used for the Joël Dicker. I had no idea what she was talking about and ate her portion too.

(I also have a serious review here).

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