Reckless Memories - Catherine Cowles

Review :

Reckless Memories is the first book in a brand new series by Catherine Cowles. She writes such beautiful love stories that are packed with all the feels along with an element of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This story is a compelling and deeply emotional romance that held my attention from start to finish.

Isabelle "Bell" Kipton has lived on Anchor Island pretty much her whole life. Her relationship with her parents is strained because she wouldn't conform to their ways. The Hardy's, who run the restaurant & bar where she works, have become more of a family to her than her family ever was. More than a decade earlier, when she was just sixteen, tragedy struck and turned her whole world upside down. What she needed was her best friend but because he was hurting too, he left town and never looked back.

The memories and the pain were simply too much for Ford Hardy, so he left Anchor Island at the age of eighteen. He now lives in Los Angeles where he owns and runs several successful bars. When he wants to see his family he flies them to his home or some other location other than Anchor Island. That is not a place that he ever wants to step foot in again. But years later, he is forced to return home to help save his family's restaurant & bar from going under.

Bell is upset to learn that Ford is back in town, but not for the reason he thinks. Since the two of them are forced to work together, they decide to start over as friends. Once the truth of everything comes out, their friendship strengthens and develops into so much more. But not everyone is happy to see Ford's returns and the relationship blooming between them. This person begins terrorizing them, each action bolder than the one before.

I absolutely loved this beautiful romance. I was impressed by not only the depth, but by the way the story unfolded with an almost aching intensity. It was riveting, seamless, and it flowed well from beginning to end. Catherine is one of those authors that I want to read forever. I am literally obsessed with her writing, her characters and her stories. I simply can't get enough. All of the stars and more for Bell, Ford and Reckless Memories!

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