Reluctant Billionaire

Review :

I don't know what I was expecting when I started reading this book but it was pleasantly surprising and really good.

Kaya Brehna never really knew her half sister, the had the same father but different mothers. Kaya's mom was abusive and she ended up in the foster care system. Lauren grew up with both parents and she was loved and cared for. Kaya's father loved her too but her mother made it impossible to have a relationship with him. So here Kaya is in Granite Falls, NH being told that she is now the guardian of her sister's 3 children, who died tragically along with her husband in a car accident. And on top of all of that Kaya is now face to face with the children't godfather who is determined to fight her every step of the way to keep the children with him.

Bryce Fontaine is a successful businessman who also happens to be a billionaire. Bryce has known a major tragedy in his life that keeps him on the outside except his three godchildren, they keep Bryce tethered to the land of the living and now that his friends are gone, and the Kaya has arrived on the scene to take the children, Bryce now feels that his world is about to explode because without his godchildren he has nothing. So he is none to pleased and spoiling for a vicious court battle with Kaya Brehna to keep the children with him. Bryce's world and that of the children are open in arms but what he never expected or could have guessed that Kaya was actually going to be the calm in everyone's storm. Kaya who had no idea how to raise children let alone be anybody's mother was determined to learn and she didn't need was the storm named Bryce to upset her goals.

Two people, Kaya and Bryce find that they are better together than apart, now with a change in the second will that gives Bryce the children, he is determined to keep Kaya in Granite Falls, so in suggesting that they marry to keep everyone all under one rough seems like a great idea but Bryce thinks because he loved once already he can't possible love again until Kaya proves him wrong. Kaya who has never known love will finally get to experience what real love looks and feels like but first she has to break through the wall that Bryce has built up around his heart from the tragedy of losing his first wife.

A really great story that was well written and told, the author really got the devastating loss of what children experience when their parents have died and when a spouse loses their mate. And the effects of when children grow up in foster care and the emotional battles they face once they become adults. This is definitely worth a read and it will not be my last time reading author Ana E. Ross.

Well Until My Next Review...Ciao Bellas!

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