Rules of Bennett by Ember Michaels

Review :

Brutal, Barbaric, Beautiful Bennett.

How i needed this book in my life. Here when i thought i couldn't find one good dark horrific book, Ember Michaels falls into my lap and into my head.

Bennett is both terrifying and drool worthy. He's crass and yet oddly endearing. He's a fucking monster, but at least he's honest.

Michaels has a canny way of drawing you into her words while the rest of the world falls away around you. You flinch, grab your chest, and gasp while the Earth spins and life continues. It's as if you've been sucked into Bennett's world and you're hopeless to get out.

For a first time author, i am absolutely in love and i cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. Bravo, Ember! #PetForBennett

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