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Sawyer Bennett never seizes to provide stories full of genuine emotion guaranteed to take us away and entertain until the happy-ever-after end. Wylde is no exception.

Sawyer Bennett continues her Arizona Vengeance series with this tale of a shy bookshop owner and the NHL playboy who inadvertently walks into her store and falls for the string-willed and beautiful woman. A few years back Clarke Webber had an unpleasant brush with fame and has no intentions of ever being near the limelight again.

Happy managing her own bookshop, Clarke doesn't know of Aaron Wylde nor does she find the charming and witty man temping. Because sexy, confident alpha males are also on her no-no list. But the gregarious and well-read man tricks her into two dates that become so much more. While Clarke wrestles with insecurities and anxieties, can this celebrity athlete win her heart

Bennett unfailingly produces gratifying, emotional romances, but this story gives us bibliophiles and added bonus setting a good part of Clarke and Aaron's romance around a cozy bookshop where we can imagine the gorgeous and interesting Aaron reading while she works.

Aaron first thaws Clarke's heart by surprising her with his book knowledge but continues to do so when she reveals her unpleasant past and Aaron not only empathizes but is resolute in showing her he's the man for her with continual caring, thoughtful and swoony moves.

Bennett has penned a story which not only showcases Aaron and Clarke as a main couple, but also brings back loved characters from past books. She carefully inserts them in a way that helps the main couple along their journey towards happiness while giving fans of the series an update on their favorite characters. Spending time with the Arizona Vengeance is a pleasure, and Bennett has created a group of people I want to hang out with any time she's got a story to tell.

Wylde is book #7 of the Arizona Vengeance series by Sawyer Bennett. It's a delightful hockey romance. It's told from both points of view with a happy ending.

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