Shadow Man - Grayson Duet 1 - Catherine Wiltcher

Review :

Shadow Man is an all-consuming, flawlessly written dark romance with a captivating storyline and unforgettable characters. Catherine Wiltcher delivers a heart wrenching and emotional love story about two broken people who find unexpected solace amid chaos. This was a sexy and seductive cat-and-mouse chase set within a richly layered and unique storyline.

"You don't have a choice, sweetheart. You've been mine since the first day we met."

This story is about more than two people finding love and healing. It's an exhilarating ride of survival, pain, and growth. It's a love story driven by raw emotion, one that is executed with flawless precision. Wiltcher's storytelling skills are top notch and with this story, she takes her readers on an unforgettable journey. We met Joseph and Anna in the Santiago Trilogy, and readers were given bits and pieces of their backgrounds, as well as their attraction to each other. This book delves into the events that molded them into who they are as people, and the inexplicable pull that exists between them. Wiltcher did such a fantastic job building the structure of their complicated relationship. The dialogue and inner monologues fully encompass the fear, lust, and unfiltered emotion that exists between them. I liked how the author did not rush the intimacy between them; rather, she stayed true to the characters and their experiences, giving readers a realistic portrayal of life after trauma. The energy between them was so raw and intense, and each and every encounter between them is filled to the brim with tension and explosive chemistry.

"When you scream and shatter and fall apart in my hands, it'll be me who puts you back together again. You will mold only to me. You will see only me."

The author writes with a dark edginess that completely sucks the reader into the story and doesn't let go. There were some moments in the story that were hard to read but I feel were handled so well. I especially appreciated the way Anna's healing was never glossed over. The pain that both she and Joseph experienced was instrumental to the development of their relationship. The push and pull was so well written. I absolutely loved the level of possessiveness we saw from Joseph and loved the way protecting her was more important to him than anything else.

"He's a killer and a savior. A soldier to another, and a betrayer to all the evil I assumed he was."

The pacing of the events in the story was perfect, as was the flow of the plot. The secondary characters from the previous books were as entertaining and fantastic as always, and the new characters were as well. Shadow Man was heartbreaking and full of angst. It was gritty and violent. It was an enthralling and powerful story that completely consumed me. And after that huge bombshell that was dropped in the Epilogue, I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the second book in this duet.

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