Sherlock Holmes The Vanishing Man Philip Purser Hallard

Review :

*I voluntarily reviewed this book from the Publisher.

Step back in time for a twisted mystery that has London peers baffled - a scientific society offering £10,000 for proof of psychic ability and a man who claims to be what they are looking for who disappears before their eyes in a locked room. There is only one man who can unlock this puzzle, Sherlock Holmes (and his trusted best friend, Watson of course).
But as is always the case in these matters, looks can often be deceiving and nothing is ever as magical or clear-cut as they appear. And when murder becomes the order of the day, Holmes and Watson may have bitten off more than they can chew ...

Engaging, excellently-depicted, and with many twists and turns along the way, THE VANISHING MAN by Philip Purser-Hallard is like reading something new from the original man himself, and I was sucked into this mystery immediately and effortlessly.
With Holmes' well-known wit and Watson's fastidiousness down to a tee, this story has got everything you could possibly wish for and more in a Sherlock Holmes novel.

SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE VANISHING MAN is excellent from beginning to end and a must-read for fans of this genre!

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