Smart and SeXy The Evolutionary Origins and Biological Underpinnings of Cognitive Differences between the Sexes

Review :

If I were to sum up this book in one word, it would be "illuminating."

I always knew in my gut men and women were different. When I was in math classes, it was almost always guys who were doing the best on tests and so I would walk away thinking men were much smarter. But then you would meet people at a bar or a game and some of those dudes were so dumb it was hard to believe. I had never met a woman as dumb as at least some men I have met. It was so hard to put this pattern together in a way that made any sense. Well, it makes sense now after reading this book because of its analysis of genetics, gender and intelligence. It turns out that those dumb meatheads and math gurus are all part of a larger pattern.

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