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Startups Grow with People is a wonderful informational book written by Ozan Dagdeviren. Dagdeviren's sole purpose in writing this book was in hope of educating new business owners about the characteristics of a successful startup. I have read many, many books, but this one is so well structured. I love the way everything is broken down to make it easy for you to understand with real-life scenarios, examples, and charts.

The passion that this author has for entrepreneurship is truly amazing that you can feel his energy throughout the book. The souls of the business revolve around people and the author does a great job pointing out the value people bring both collectively and individually. Humans are the brains of startup, but businesses have to conform to the speed of change, technology advances, and innovation. Businesses rise and fall if they cannot keep up with technology.

The author explains everything there is to know about the importance of partnering, recruitment, and culture building. To see growth, you have to choose the right partners and investors. Grasp the understanding and importance of first hires of the company. Believe it or not but people can make or tear down your company so you have to be cautious when making your selection. This book tells you what qualities to look for in a new hire, give interview recruitment principles, great advice and more as you continue to read.

A good partner doubles the knowledge, share the problems, responsibilities, workload and the benefits. By collaborating, partners can get things done efficiently, bring value to the table and give better odds of success. There's a total benefit analysis chart which is a great touch for figuring out your company culture and more.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because it is an excellent read. The author was very informative and very detailed for all readers to understand the steps to have a successful startup. Dagdeviren mentioned that fear and comfort can't coexist, so I guess he's saying you either get out there and win or this whole thing just becomes a learning experience. I definitely recommend having a copy of this book to all entrepreneur-minded individuals. Let's win everyone!

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