stay hungry stay foolish

Review :

This is like a Bible for all the dreamers and budding entrepreneurs. This book is for someone who abhors the rat-race and who wants to be at the mercy of none but himself.This is for someone who wants to sit on the driver's seat and lead.It is a beautiful documentation of successful tales of 25 people who believed in their ability, their idea and maneuvered their ship with grit through the rough weather. I don't understand the people rating this book 1.I believe in looking at the brighter side. In my opinion, the author though was not the best at writing but has worked hard to get the stories together and inspire people in and around India.

Life is too small to learn only from your mistakes and this gives you a wonderful opportunity to avoid certain mistakes that these achievers committed. Throughout the book I felt, I must make my to be wife read it before we get married so that she knows that my life is not going to be a cake walk. It will have it's own entrepreneurial share of struggle.

These are success stories, come on, you can't really question them. Some of the most important traits that the book highlights are 1. passion for the company/idea 2. humble/no ego /ready to learn 3. most important- patience and perseverance to wait for the good time 3. self belief 4. competence over loyalty 5. empower the talented employees in terms of equity/bond 6. Don't be attached/ emotional with the company so that it can be sold when it needs to be.

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