Stratagem - Caroll, Robin;

Review :

'How could someone go so totally out of character'

Grayson Thibodeaux is a psychologist who creates mind-bending games for companies to evaluate their employees. He creates a game for the company who employees his ex-wife, Anna Belle, and she turns up dead. And he turns up as the most likely suspect. But as much as he was hurt by his ex-wife during the course of their marriage, he most definitely did not want to see her dead. But it's up to him to prove himself innocent as one certain police detective is determined to look at only Grayson and no one else.

Robin Caroll has always been a good suspense writer, but this time she ratchets up the suspense, layering intricate details with every chapter, totally keeping the reader guessing. The police detective interviews with those in attendance and on the suspect list are amazing and completely fascinating! I never did guess the culprit. And this was one book that had me crazy trying to figure out whodunit. Highly recommended !

*My thanks to the publisher and author for a copy of this book. The opinions stated here are entirely my own.

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