Tessa Layne - The Case Brothers 1 - Mr. Pink

Review :

Mr. Pink is the first book in the Case Brothers series, but connects to Ms. Layne's Cowboys of Flint Hills and Resolution Ranch worlds. Austin has been banished to his brother's winery in the middle of nowhere, but in just 90 days, his trust fund will be safe and secure. His plans get a wrench thrown in when he sees Macey, the woman he can't keep his mind off of. She has baggage and he is a notorious rich playboy, but maybe, just maybe, they can help each other and find some fun before he heads back to his life. That is what he wants still, right

This book definitely had a way to suck you in, love every second of reading it, and want so much more! Austin and Macey definitely had an interesting relationship that stemmed from amazing desire, helping each other through some difficult times, and shockingly building heavier emotional connections. Austin is a bit of a cocky jerk, but his arrogance works for him, he's driven, he's devoted, and I loved watching him realize that he's made for so much more than just a playboy lifestyle. Macey has a lot of depth to her, with being a widow and having a daughter, coming from a winery background, and trying to fight her attraction to Austin, but she was fun and caring. They made an amazing team with the vineyard, and their passion could be felt through the pages. I actually really enjoyed that this was solely from Austin's point of view, and I bet it was a lot of fun to write! This book was fun, fast paced, steamy with a bit of sweet thrown in here and there, and most of all, it felt real. There's real emotions that Austin has to work through that anyone would have to in these situations, and I just love feeling connected to the town and characters because of this! Amazing book, a great start to these complex and cocky brothers, and I am really excited for the next one!

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