The A to Z of Mindfulness - Anna Barnes

Review :

Mindfulness and the art of being present during a time when our anxiety might be the highest. Seems like a good idea to check out a book to help ones mental health during a pandemic. The book offers a simple approach and a daily activity to help you stop worrying and just be present in the moment.

What did I like I love the simple cover on this book which is not only soothing but charming. The book offers several activities like coloring to reduce worry and simply be present. Crafty stuff has a way of keeping you present. The book was an easy read and had a few great quotes for some uplifting thoughts.

Would I buy or recommend Simplistic approach in a workbook approach with several ideas such as drawing and coloring. I would love a paper copy and recommend this to people who want to learn some easy approaches to mindfulness. Five stars!

I received a copy to read and voluntarily left an opinion!

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