The Art of Reading Minds - Henrik Fexeus

Review :

I received this book, for free, in exchange for an honest review.

I try to only get ARC copies of books I might want to own. I am a rather picky reader; reading countless books on the same topic and generally disliking the majority of them. As a result, some of the ARCs I choose I end up regretting as although they are good they aren't as good as my favorite books on the topic. This book on the other hand blew me away.

While I haven't read too many books on the topic in general I have read about a dozen books on NLP and found most of them to be poorly written; barely communicating anything actionable. This book on the other hand is an easy read that addresses the topic in a down to earth fashion. The author besides seeming to have comprehensive knowledge on the topic also communicates it very well making it easy to see the practical implications. He also seems like an honest and good person which is important as some of the claims in similar books seem hard to believe.

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