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How does one classify this book It's equal parts self-help, inspirational, amazing stories, and heart felt passion for life. Yet, is it something so much more raw than any of these books. Within these pages you'll find a series of insights that describe every human's primal need to do something better with their life.

Goins uses a combination of stories around the world, purposely choosing "normal" folks that we do not see their faces plastered all over the internet and top news sites to weave through the lessons he has learnt from them about the nature of finding our calling and vocation in life. He choose these people by design to show us that finding our callings is not something grand, but rather something beautifully complex, somewhat accidental, and not at all contrived. It's a delicate balance that has blindness on one side and addiction on the other.

Goins takes us on a trip through the stages that one usually goes through to find their vocation, see it through, and leave a legacy. From wishing, to listening, to discovery, to doing, and finally to legacy, the whole story of "how to be great" is there. The point that impressed upon me the most is how we all need to be great in our own way, not in someone else's way. What is "great" for one is not necessarily the "greatness" for another. And, oddly, it's rarely what we think it should be.

Now, I should warn those of delicate sensibilities that cannot tolerate anything with a religious content. On pages 91 - 97 Goins uses a bible story to illustrate a particular point he's trying to make about listening to the cue of your life to figure out what your calling and vocation is. Sometimes it's obvious, but sometimes it is not. For those of you that can't stomach a little of this sort of discourse, feel free to skip these pages; it will be a great book without them.

The book ends with a summary of sorts, which I must say, is an asset to the book as you can get overwhelmed in reading it, then want to go back to your notes and be out of sorts. The appendices do a great job of summarising everything, giving actionable steps, and getting you going after the entirety of the book has made you restless and wanting to hear your own calling.

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