The Awakening

Review :

"Not Waving But Drowning!"

Edna doesn't want to belong to anyone but herself. She wants to be free to choose her life and love with a passion not directed by society's expectations. She will not give up the essence of her soul to anyone or anything and that ultimately destroys her spirit - for lover and husband and family all have the same idea of a woman's place in the world: she "belongs" to them like a possession. She can be given up or traded or protected as if she was a tool or a piece of jewellery.

When she capitulates, it is to the impossibility of life if you are not strong enough to fully dare and defy like an artist.

She does not give in. She gives up.

A wonderful short novel of identity and community, of love and integrity, of belonging and freedom. To be read and reread whenever one feels like one is much too far out, and no one sees the waving.


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