The Complete Guide to Fasting

Review :

I borrowed this from my library, and promptly bought my own copy. I had read Dr. Fung's book, The Obesity Code, in October 2017, but was shocked and dismayed at the last chapter when, out of nowhere, he sprung fasting as the answer to obesity as a hormonal disease, absent any practical advice. "It's really very simple. I'm not saying it's easy, but it's simple." I was exceedingly weary of slim men speaking pithily about simplicity.

However. I harbored secret ambitions to fast. And secretly tried. The problem was that by 11:00 a.m. I was jonesing for calories and often bought black licorice strings to get me through lunch. Still, I watched my friend Linda lose weight (currently 110 pounds gone) and reverse diabetes 2 and high blood pressure from intermittent and extended fasting. My friend Faith's face became chiseled in her Facebook photos (80 pounds less) after intermittent fasting. The irony Faith got turned on to fasting after reading *my* review of The Obesity Code. :: wry grin ::

What convinced me, other than my friends' success, was this: it can't hurt, and it may help. Fasting is not for everyone. They list groups of people who should never fast. As it happens, I am not underweight, under 18, pregnant, nursing, or afflicted with GERDS. It's simple, it's free, it's convenient, it's flexible, it's powerful. If I feel sick, I stop fasting.

Although the book is helpful and convenient, all the information in it is accessible by reading blogs and listening to podcasts or YouTube videos. Dr. Fung will frustrate some, but I enjoy his no-nonsense demeanor and his creative metaphors. Megan Ramos has probably helped more individuals fast than anyone else alive; I heartily recommend finding her talks. (She also convinced my husband that fasting made sense for insulin-resistant people.) My favorite sections in the book were Chapter 9 on hunger and Chapter 15's fasting tips. In my all-or-nothing plunge, I've been gorging on fasting talks. The habit of fasting is custom built for all-or-nothing types.

A bonus for me was the recommendation to drink homemade bone broth. I already had a large cache in my freezer.

Does fasting work In the long run I hope so! I'm so reluctant to declare a thing, remembering my past forays in the One-Day Detox diet, WW, the Gluten-free diet, the HCG diet, the juicing diet, etc. etc. etc. Ask me in 2021.

My first fast [Friday night (6/8) to Sunday morning (6/10)] was the hardest. That was eleven weeks ago. Since then, fasting has become much easier and I've lost 22 pounds. Five of those weeks I was traveling and eating in a (modified and unmodified) celebratory manner. My weight was the same on July 24th and August 24th, but is lower now. I am buoyed by hope.

I'll close with a quote from Jason Fung:
The most important aspect of fasting is fitting it into your life.

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