The Darwin Economy- Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good

Review :

The fallacies of the libertarian economic philosophy can be very attractive -- but they are still fallacies.
Author Robert H. Frank clearly points out many of the libertarian errors of reasoning...
An excerpt from the book:
-> "The difficult question is how to eliminate wasteful government spending without inflicting even more costly collateral damage. Experience suggests that the 'starve-the-beast' [Grover Norquist] strategy is NOT the answer."
"Starve-the-beast proponents might be likened to a doctor who treats a patient suffering from intestinal parasites by ordering him to stop eating. The patient's food intake, he explains, is the very lifeblood of the parasites! Cut that off, and the parasites will eventually die!
Well, yes.
But the patient himself may die first..."

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