The Design Revolution- Answer

Review :

Okay, I actually thought this was a good book and very thought provoking. Now to let everyone know I looked at all the negative critiques of this book. Before I read the book. Several of these published here were also, posted on Amazon as critiques of the book. The caveat with these people criticizing the book is: they say that they read the book, but in reality it's very obvious they haven't, They criticize his last book, No Free Lunch, and they attack the character of William A. Dembski. This is all without addressing any of the arguments presented in the book. I offer no reasons why someone would impugn a book by not reading it; I also have no idea why someone would lie about not reading it. I also read some of the scientific arguments against the book. I want to especially mention Jeffery Shallot's review: He is the worst proponent not only does he claim to have read the book, but all he does is talk about NFL (No Free Lunch), and continually disparages the character of William A. Dembski. In short all the arguments I've read so far, are not approached from an logical or even scientific point-of-view, but from an emotional, response. Read the book yourself and then make a judgement.

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