The Evening Road

Review :

Heads up, Laird Hunt is my brother! Here's my intro/review. What were people doing on the day of the murder of Thomas Ship and Abram Smith on August 7th, 1930 It was an event that has come to be known as the last public lynching in America, memorialized in that song sung by Billie Holliday, Strange Fruit. The Evening Road speaks to that question in a fictionalized accounting of those long, hot, awful hours from the voices, primarily, of two women - one trying to get to the lynching and another trying to get away from it - traveling the roads around and through a town called 'Marvel'. It's a beautifully crafted challenger of a novel. Very different from his last, Neverhome, but true to Laird's style, purveyed in its own brand of colloquialism and indelible impressions: horror, above all, marked by a trace of magic and just a little bit less of grace. My favorite character (and maybe section of the novel) in the field of complex minds and personal histories is the fierce, intelligent woman of action, Calla Destry.

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