The Future Leader 9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed in the Next Decade by Jacob Morgan

Review :

My husband is the kind of person that catches on very quickly to just about anything that he attempts. This is actually a bit annoying for me mostly because I'm jealous but over time I have realized how hard it is for him to deal with managers or a foreman. He usually masters the work and then finds himself answering to people with less experience or knowledge. Unfortunately he generally becomes so frustrated that he loses his temper or changes jobs before he can ever come close to a management position.
The beginning of this book was very clarifying in regards to my husband's struggle. The author, states in the begining of, The Future Leader: 9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed in the Next Decade, "80% of employees say they can do their jobs without their managers and actually think that their managers are not necessary." Sadly, this is probably the mindset for many employees. The employees continue to grow and learn throughout their career but have a leader that doesn't acknowledge their growth therefore the employee ends up feeling under valued or taken for granted. Another quote from Barrie Rafferty states, "If you want to attract and keep top talent, then you need to make sure to invest in their experience. Employees have more power and this will only continue to increase. We have to build organizations with our people, not for them. Leaders must understand that they and their organizations are nothing without the people who work there." This is probably the best advice I have heard in regards to valuing employees. They are the back bone, heart, and lungs of a business. If only more employers would take the time to read this book and really absorb the information, people like my husband might actually be valued and used as a true asset to the company instead of forcing them to stay within the borders of their position. Allow people to move up, expand, and use what they have learned or the skills they have acquired to improve the business itself.
The author, Jacob Morgan is well spoken with a intelligent approach to the leadership skills and qualities that are needed for success. He has taken the wisdom from successful CEO's and put it together with research, real numbers, and solid advice.

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