The Intelligent Investor The D - Benjamin Graham Jason Zweig

Review :

OK, the recent stock market drops scared me. I got hit by the drops in 99 and said I would never let it happen again. This time I had what I thought would be value stocks. The problem was I didn't know if I should sell or hold the stocks. So for $8 I bought a used copy of Ben Graham's book. I stopped reading my other book and read this book like crazy.

It was the best $8 ever spent. It teaches you some basics about the behavior of the market and it teaches you to be very careful. I learned some key's to determining the value of stocks and to buy stocks with a margin of safety relative to other stocks. I did find that some of my "Value Stocks" weren't all that great.

I absolutely recommend this book, especially right now. Now is a great opportunity to pick up value stocks that have dropped a bunch. They dropped not because that are bad stocks but because Mr. Market has dropped and they've been pulled down.

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