The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Review :

Okay! No more words! This is one of the best sci-fi dances with fantasy which carries additional philosophic vibes novel of the year! I LOVED IT! ( this is not kind of toasting for the book and raising your glass kind of loving it. This is more like climbing at the top of the roof and declaring your love by shouting and howling to the moon kind of love. If you read the song lyrics of " Howl" at the book you may probably understand why I feel so enthusiastic and why I'm writing a high volume review!)

This book is not only about Nora Seed who is trapped in her life, seeing herself a failure, a disposable human waste who has nothing to achieve, will never be missed by anyone . It's about regrets, unfinished plans, what ifs, approval of families, drugs, mistakes, giving up, realizing other people's dreams, self regret, insecurities, self harm, love, passion and hate...

When Nora tries to end her life, she opens her eyes in a library filled with books which contain different versions of her life story. If she finds the right book and most proper life she can live fulfilled and happy, that will mean she can be saved!

Thankfully the librarian Mrs. Elm here for here just like she has done when she was a little girl who recently learned she lost her dad.

Nora could be a swimmer, a rock star, a philosopher, a wife, a traveler, a glaciologist, a mother, winery or local pub owner. She can say "yes" to her ex and accept his offer to live in a small town and own a local pub. Or she can say "yes" to coffee offer of a nice doctor candidate Ash to pursue happiness and love. She can win Olympic medals or she can taste the tempting charm of fame with her songs she writes and performs all around the world. She can be everything or anything.

But after living so much lives, nearly thousand different versions, will she find which is best for her and which life form will suit to catch the real happiness

Can she live without family members or can she handle losing her friends to death

What does she really want What does she expect And most importantly will she learn to face the things she regrets the most Because however she's ready to start her fresh life with open hands, those clutches of regret always pull her back and prevent her to see what she's really looking for!

Beautiful, meaningful, dazzling, emotional, heart wrenching, poetic, realistic : these are the words which come to my mind after reading this book. Just like the definition of ideal life.


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