the mindful path to self compassion

Review :

CKG gives here an outline culled not only from his extensive reading but also from his wide experience and his genuine compassion for the human condition. He is not a guru or even well known. Certainly I had never heard of him when I picked up this unassuming book. But lo! within these covers is the operating manual that went missing when the state began to run this spaceship earth according to the military model.

That was a long time ago, and in the interim we, on the whole, have evolved mostly in our capacity to eradicate opposition.This, unfortunately, includes nature,the enemy of development and also people who do not agree with the rulemakers. As a result,the fiercely competitive nature of postmodern life eradicates joy and robs us of our own creativity. What we have instead is hysteria and gossip, a tendency to compartmentalize and place our hopes on distant goals. Denial of reality is the only way most people can function at all.

This book lets us off the hook without sacrificing our integrity.
Instead of denying reality when it becomes uncomfortable, move toward and not away.
Experience what is around you, especially under your feet. Give yourself what you really
long for.

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