The Morning Mind Use Your Brain to Master Your Day and Supercharge Your Life

Review :

some good stuff!! lots of helpful ideas and exercises to help you dominate your mornings and wake up early and happy (i definitely DO NOT feel this way in the morning haha). well researched, these two doctors push readers to improve our heart, brain, and human performance by prioritizing healthy habits.

now i want to do all of the things that will help me to "regain control, calm and composure." where is the focus of energy in my life what are my priorities where should they be instead

i want to work on the following:

breathe deeply, drink more water (esp in the morning), run more often, keeping up good posture, sleep consistently and enough (7-9 hours), implement de-stress exercises, work on my diet, eat spicy foods on hot days (apparently it's good for balance), improve and maintain self discipline, prioritize good habits, and kickstart mornings with positivity (which can be supported through meditation)!

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