The New Guy - Kathryn Freeman

Review :

the amount of times i pressed my hand in my heart by the numerous feelings this book was making me feel. how, HOW i just heard about this story now! it's disrespectful towards me how the book was hiding from ME.
we have gorgeous ryan. he is very insecure; he, who left his home when he was 18 because he needed a job to send money home. he is a MAN, a top class man. he is one of the best guy romantic interests i've ever read. he didn't even believe she could LOVE HIM BACK!!! (my heart was shattering) and on the other hand we have sam, she is the sun itself. she brings an unparalleled energy and confidence that had me amazed.
not only them completed the story, we had wonderful friends and family who amplified the love i have for it a thousand times more!
please go read it, i cried many, many times!! (of happiness!!)

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