the ocean of churn

Review :

It is really an outstanding book. A friend of mine recommended Sanjeev Sanyal to me and I started reading his books in the chronological order in which he has written them. I guess that was a good decision from my end because I have liked each book more than the previous one and this is quite easily the best from him so far. Very often than not, when we speak of history, we restrict ourselves to the terrestrial form of history and restrict ourselves to a history of a particular country or land.

In this book, Sanjeev Sanyal writes about the maritime history and how the Indian Ocean was impacted by it and how it impacted the affairs of the world. The book tries to answer a lot of questions such as why is the South East Asian culture so similar to Indian culture. Why is Bali still predominantly a Hindu island despite the rest of Indonesia being home to the largest Muslim population in the world

The book gives a good idea about the history of all the countries that share links with the Indian Ocean which includes India, Indonesia, Australia, Sri Lanka, and so on. Indian Ocean is the only ocean out of the four which is named after a country and after reading this book, you'll know the answer why is it so. The Indian subcontinent played a vital role in the global trade for a large part of history and a lot of this was possible because of the Indian Ocean.

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